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Priorities Survey for Online Learners

The Priorities Survey for Online Learners (PSOL) allows you to identify not only how satisfied your students are but also what is most important to them.  The survey is administered electronically to 100% of your online student population, with typical response rates around 20%.  The results identify your institutional strengths (areas of high importance and high satisfaction) for celebration and your challenges (areas of high importance and low satisfaction) which are areas of top priority for improvement.  You can use this information to guide your institutional decision making to improve student success, inform strategic planning and document your activities for accreditation purposes.  The survey has 26 standard items which provide external benchmarks with more 117 institutions and 122,000 students nationwide in the areas of instructional services, academic services, enrollment services, student services and institutional perceptions.  There is also room to customize the survey with up to ten additional items.  You can see samples of the survey and the reporting  Noel-Levitz is partnering with Quality Matters on the Student Voice Inter-Institutional Research Project, providing a national benchmark for student satisfaction in QM Programs for institutions that administer the PSOL. 

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