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Thu, 02/08/2018 - 09:53 -- hcaprette

I like sharing the Bloom's Taxonomy of Measurable Verbs (Verbs-a-z.pdf) document found in the APPQMR with faculty. As an instructional designer, I have to let faculty know when I see a learning objective that isn't written measurably.  So many times, I see them start with words like "know," "learn," "gain an awareness of," etc. The handout has examples of measurable verbs they can use to reword their learning objectives. I always direct them to the bottom of the handout that has the words and phrases to avoid. 

Watch Out for Verbs that are not Measurable

In order for an objective to give maximum structure to instruction, it should be free of vague or ambiguous
words or phrases. The following lists notoriously ambiguous words or phrases which should be avoided so
that the intended outcome is concise and explicit.

Believe Hear Realize
Capacity Intelligence Recognize
Comprehend Know See
Conceptualize Listen Self-Actualize
Depth Memorize Think
Experience Perceive Understand

Evidence a (n): To Become: To Reduce:
Appreciation for… Acquainted with… Anxiety
Attitude of… Adjusted to… Immaturity
Awareness of… Capable of… Insecurity
Comprehension of…. Cognizant of…
Enjoyment of… Conscious of…
Feeling for… Familiar with…
Interest in… Interested in….
Knowledge of… Knowledgeable about….
Understanding of… Self-Confi dent in.