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QM and Blackboard Ultra

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 09:31 -- deb.hatfield@lo...

We currently have Blackboard (Bb) course shells that are created for faculty with the QM standards in mind. These are populated into all courses when they are placed into Bb. We currently are on Bb Learn. This works well to have a consistent look & feel for learners and to simplify things for faculty.
We found out recently we will be converting to Bb Ultra some time in the future. We understood from some information we received that creating the same look for all courses may not be an option in Ultra when we convert. I'm writing to see if other members, that have converted to Ultra, may have some resources or ideas about retaining this consistent look of course shells in the LMS and would be able to provide us some information on how you have dealt with this or other issues that may impact having a consistent course lay-out look, thanks.
Deb Hatfield

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