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The Interactivity Foundation (IF)

The Interactivity Foundation is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving community and classroom discussion. We believe that the health of democracy depends greatly on how well citizens discuss, explore, and develop public policy. Ideally, public policy choices will be based on citizens’ and policymakers’ careful consideration of reasonable alternatives and their likely consequences. Increasingly, in the real world, however, policy choices are made in response to crisis and/or in highly-charged political contexts. Frequently the opportunity for the development or consideration of meaningful citizen input is negligible, and the considered policy options are similarly under-developed and often limited to the lesser of two evils.

In response to these challenges, the mission of the Interactivity Foundation is to enhance the process and expand the scope of our public discussions, thereby improving the health of our democracy and its development of public policy. That is, IF works to improve both the quality and quantity of the public discussions that shape the development of our public policy options. To do this, we’ve developed a small-group discussion process designed to help people collaborate in the exploration and development of (a) their concerns and values, (b) multiple policy possibilities to address those concerns, and (c) the possible implementations and consequences of those policy possibilities.

Most of our work and discussion efforts can be roughly divided into 3 highly interconnected “Focus Areas”: sanctuary process, public discussion, and classroom discussion. Within classrooms, we empower students through our student-facilitated discussion process. We have developed both in-person and online discussion processes that are aimed at developing communication, social, and leadership skills in students that better enable them to take ownership of their education and to become more civically-oriented and engaged members of society. 

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