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Instructional Designer I
University of Florida
$50,000 - $55,000 annually

Based at the University of Florida’s East Campus, the Center for Online Innovation and Production (COIP) is an instructional design unit, built on the collaboration with faculty, instructional designers, graphic designers, and videographers at each stage of the ADDIE model--from the first meeting through each iteration of the course. Integral to COIP’s mission are the development of courses for UF Online and Distance and Continuing Education, that align with pedagogical strategies and research data, incorporate new technologies for enhanced learning, and convey a modern look and feel for the students’ overall experience. COIP is seeking an enthusiastic and innovative instructional designer who can contribute his or her pedagogical and technical talents to the development and delivery of superior online courses. This is not a work-from-home or remote position, and may require periodic travel between East Campus and main campus or conference travel.

The individual will provide instructional design and course production services for faculty to develop and maintain online education courses.

Provide course maintenance support for existing UF Online courses with emphasis on the following:

  • Assist faculty in readying their UF Online courses each semester, to include assisting with setup of Canvas course shells and copying content. Evaluate and update existing online courses using ADA compliance guidelines, US copyright guidelines, and UF Standards and Markers guidelines.
  • Assist faculty in updating content including quiz and discussion questions, lectures, readings, and activities.
  • Provide assistance and training to online faculty as needed and serve as single point of contact for faculty regarding UF Online course production.

Provide course technical support for existing UF Online courses with emphasis on the following:

  • Provide assistance to faculty in the recording studio.
  • Provide assistance to faculty with mid-semester surveys.
  • Write effective copy, instructional text, and audio/video scripts. Utilize color theory and UI design principles to provide basic graphic design using Photoshop, Canvas Design Tools, etc. 
  • Maintain proficiency needed to provide support and maintenance such as Canvas, Photoshop, Project Management, Adobe Suite and Office.

Actively engage in course production for UF Online covering the following areas:

  • Develop technically and pedagogically sound synchronous and asynchronous activities, surveys, assessments, and learning objects by utilizing instructional design principles such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, Adult Learning Theory, Mayer’s Multimedia Design Principles, etc.
  • Provide course production support for new UF Online courses to be developed. Follow the production process in each stage of development by maintaining project documentation, assets, and course folders, meeting deadlines and adhering to internal protocols, and logging time in the project management tool.

Other duties as assigned.

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