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""QM IDA Listserv

The QM IDA Listserv provides QM IDA members with a forum for networking, support and sharing resources related to the instructional design profession. Its primary purpose is to encourage collaboration, informal mentorship and communication related to instructional design resources.

Instructions for Joining the Listserv

  1. Verify your membership in the QM IDA*: Visit MyQM. After logging in, select My Tools in the secondary navigation menu. Then select IDA Search. Use your name or email address as the search criterion. The search should produce your information if your membership is current.
  2. Once your membership is verified, request to join the QM IDA Listserv by filling out the short QM IDA Listserv form
  3. It will take approximately three days for your information to be included in the listserv system. You will receive a notification from the Google Group when you’ve been added.

*All QM IDA members that are opted in to receive email communications from QM were sent an invitation to join this listserv on April 11, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I am not a member of the QM IDA?
A: Instructional Designers who are employed by QM member institutions with a current subscription agreement are eligible to sign up for QM IDA membership. Those with a current Individual subscription with QM are also eligible to join. To sign up or renew your QM IDA membership, visit Join QM IDA.

Q: Do I need to use a Gmail Account?
A: Because the QM IDA Listserv is a Google Group, a Gmail account will provide you with the widest range of functionality, such as the ability to send and reply to messages from your email client. Many institutions use Gmail. If yours does not, you may wish to create a Gmail account and set up an automatic forward to your primary professional email address. Regardless of your email account type, you can participate on the web by visiting the Google Group.

Q: What are the guidelines for using the listserv?
A: Here are the general guidelines:
  1. Please observe professional netiquette standards and keep conversations aligned with the purpose of this group.   
  2. Be friendly, positive, and welcoming. We are here to support each other and to learn.
  3. Be professional and constructive, just as you would when providing feedback in a QM peer review. 
  4. Sharing resources and information is encouraged. However, please take care to observe copyright law and avoid inappropriately sharing proprietary materials. 
  5. Please refrain from using the listserv to share job-postings. We have a tool for that! Please use the QM IDA Job Board
  6. The listserv is a professional communication tool for the QM IDA organization. Information about conferences, professional development opportunities, professional meetups, instructional design related issues and events, and other resources is welcome. However, please refrain from any solicitation for your own goods and services (i.e. consulting services) and solicitation on behalf of friends and family (i.e. cookie/candy/wrapping paper sales). 
  7. This listserv is supported by several volunteer moderators, members of the QM IDA. Moderators may suspend or remove postings and user accounts based on the criteria stated above. 
  8. Listserv messages are archived, and members are encouraged to review archives for past discussions.

For additional questions about the listserv, please contact a QM IDA representative.

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